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Introduction to The Clearing, Our New Blog

Introduction to The Clearing, Our New Blog

Cleared Up

Welcome to The Clearing, our Field Trip blog!

As the name implies, the purpose of this blog is, in part, to create a forum for helping people develop a better understanding of psychedelics and clear up any misunderstandings and half-truths that may exist about them.  Even though we are a "mental wellness" company, we are, at our core, a psychedelics company living in a world where psychedelics aren't legal. Yet.

But, as with just about everything in life, there is more nuance to this blog and the name.

Permit me to nerd out on the word "psychedelic" for a moment. Since the introduction of psychedelics to western culture in the 1950s, scientists have used a number of different words to describe what are now known as psychedelics. "Psychotomimetic" (meaning "mimicking psychosis") was one that garnered a lot of traction until Humphry Osmond and Aldous Huxley in various written exchanges came up with the term "psychedelic".

The conception of the word was derived from the combination of two words "psyche" meaning soul or mind; and "delic" from "delos" meaning "manifest".

Or at least that's what most history books tell you about the origin of the name.

But if you look deeper into the word "delic" from "it also means "to show" or "to reveal" or "to clear".

This latter meaning, to me, at least is the truest approximation to what happens when one experiences a psychedelic journey.

From my personal experiences, and from the reports of many of the studies conducted with psychedelics, the experience that many have during their trips is that of processing or working through old or repressed feelings or emotions. And when it comes to our psyches, when we work through an emotion (whether repressed or currently being experienced) we are able to let that emotion pass. Quite literally, we are able to clear it.

And so, back to the name of this blog, The Clearing. Beyond its purpose to help clear up misinformation about psychedelics, it's also going to be a forum for us and you, the reader, to share, process and clear thoughts and feelings.

We hope you'll find it interesting and informative or at at least thought provoking, and certainly cathartic.

Happy reading!


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