Field Trip Health Brings Psychedelic Medicine to Chicago

A new frontier in treating mental health conditions, psychedelic therapy has brought about lasting change for patients and people around the world. Field Trip Health has been facilitating psychedelic-assisted therapy since March 2020 in our Health Centres across North America and we are excited about having landed in Chicago since the start of 2021.

Dr. Ben Medrano, MD (Field Trip Health Medical Director, USA) and Judy Seals, FNP-C (Field Trip Health Nurse Practitioner, Chicago) will walk through the history & current progress in the field of psychedelic medicine as well as discuss our clinical model and lasting, meaningful patient outcomes in the ketamine-assisted therapy work we facilitate in Chicago.

This session will deliver useful & thought-provoking information catered to care providers, clients, and the psychedelic community at large. This session will have plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions of our presenters and have them answered live, so come with your curiosity in hand.

Visit our website for more information about our new Field Trip Health Centre in Chicago!

This webinar was recorded live on March 25th, 2021.

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