Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for PTSD

Can Ketamine Assisted Therapy Help Treat My PTSD?

Over the past two decades, clinical research has demonstrated that when administered at low doses in a controlled setting, Ketamine works rapidly, effectively, and safely to improve symptoms in people living with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Ketamine therapy is an especially important option for people living with PTSD, as traditional pharmacotherapies and talk therapies often fall short of providing both the rapid relief and long-term healing needed to keep trauma from becoming a chronic fixture in the brain. Ketamine therapy works by altering the brain’s response to traumatic memories by rewiring the way that regions of the brain communicate with one another, which can help people living with PTSD develop a healthier approach to traumatic triggers and persistent invasive thoughts. Especially in combination with psychotherapy, Ketamine has the power to help people living with PTSD live fuller lives by transforming their relationship to the past and giving them the confidence to face the future. 

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD and How Can Ketamine Help?

People who have developed PTSD after experiencing significant trauma may live with intrusive memories, negative changes in thinking and mood, and changes in their physical and emotional reactions. Some people may have persistent anxious thoughts about the traumatic event(s) they’ve experienced, may have trouble sleeping, may feel numb and detached from people and activities they once enjoyed, and may startle easily. These symptoms can make it difficult to make it through the day and to live the full, dynamic life you want to live. Many people living with PTSD try a combination of traditional psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy to manage their symptoms, but are frustrated that these treatments do not provide the relief they seek or emphasize the long-term healing they know they need.

Clinical research has shown that few pharmacotherapies are sufficiently effective in the treatment of PTSD, and often talk therapy isn’t enough, either. Ketamine works differently from traditional therapies by changing the way that regions of the brain communicate with one another, which can weaken the hold of traumatic memories and change the brain’s response to triggers and persistent invasive thoughts. One study demonstrated that the plasticity of neural connections heightened by Ketamine therapy lessened the fear and panic felt by participants living with PTSD by altering the brain’s response to memories, and in a recent randomized controlled trial, two-thirds of participants receiving ketamine therapy evidenced a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms compared to one-fifth of participants who received traditional pharmacotherapies. Unlike traditional therapies, Ketamine works toward both short-term relief from the symptoms of PTSD and long-term rebalancing of brain function, and can help people living with PTSD rebuild their sense of self by changing the way they think about the past.

What are the Benefits of Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Treating PTSD?

We know that treatment with Ketamine can be an effective road to healing for people living with PTSD, and research has shown that this effect can be made greater and longer lasting when Ketamine treatment is combined with psychotherapy. Recent studies have shown that the properties of Ketamine that enhance neural plasticity and alter response to memories may lead to greater receptivity to engagement in psychotherapy, which may lead to better overall therapeutic outcomes.

At Field Trip Health, Ketamine assisted therapy combines a Ketamine dosing plan developed and supervised by trained medical professionals with a psychotherapy program led by experienced therapists. The average Field Trip program includes three stages: introduction, pre-treatment psychotherapy, and intention setting; Ketamine therapy sessions; and integration therapy. This combination of psychedelic neural rebalance with psychotherapy allows people living with PTSD to confront their traumatic memories in a safe, controlled environment and to do the important work of mental healing with an expert trained to guide you through the challenges of facing your fears and building a self ready to face the future with confidence.

Is Ketamine Assisted Therapy for PTSD Safe?

When used in a supervised setting at appropriate doses, Ketamine therapy is safer and more effective than many traditional treatments for PTSD. You can be confident that your Ketamine journey will be optimized with the support and guidance of our fully trained health professionals. Our health centers are designed to offer you a feeling of safety and comfort, and we have medical protocols in place to ensure your safety throughout your experience with us.

To maximize the benefits and reduce the risks of Ketamine assisted therapy for PTSD, it’s important that your journey takes place in a safe, controlled setting guided by trained experts committed to ensuring your health and comfort. Field Trip Health providers are professionally trained and licensed medical practitioners including experienced physicians and psychiatrists, registered psychotherapists, and licensed nurse practitioners, and your therapy will take place in a health center designed specifically to optimize your therapeutic experience.

How Do I Start With Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for My PTSD?

Ultimately, it all starts with you. Our treatment programs are designed to help you harness your own ability to heal. This may be difficult because of past experiences or learned patterns, so our team is here to support and guide you, with the medicine as the catalyst that allows you to open yourself and access healing. We believe in empowering you as the agent of healing in your life, and that’s exactly what will happen on your therapeutic journey.

Does Field Trip Health have a Ketamine Therapy Clinic Near Me?

Field Trip Health has clinics throughout the US and Canada. If you are ready to begin your journey toward healing and build your personalized treatment plan, then give us a call to learn more:

  • 1-888-519-6016 (USA)
  • 1-833-222-0084 (Canada)

Or schedule an appointment online, and our team will reach out to you.

Does Field Trip Health have a ketamine therapy clinic near me?

Field Trip Health has clinics throughout the US and Canada. If your ready to begin your journey towards a better, personalized treatment plan that's best for your well-being then Give us a call to learn more:

  • 1-888-519-6016 (USA)
  • 1-833-222-0084 (Canada) 

Or schedule an appointment time online that's best for you and our team will reach out to you.

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