The Alchemy of Set & Setting

Two important aspects of psychedelic-enhanced therapy at Field Trip Health are careful consideration of the set and setting for our patients to help them feel prepared, safe, and supported throughout their journey. What this means is helping our patients prepare their mindset (the ‘set’) and providing a comfortable physical & social environment (‘setting') that our patients will be partaking in their psychedelic journey in. Both of these are important factors that significantly influence the outcome of a psychedelic journey, especially when working towards specific therapeutic results. The individual components that feed into the overall 'set & setting’ can vary, but Field Trip's New York Clinic has made precise decisions to amplify the set and setting patients will be in during their treatment journeys.

In this webinar Nurse Practitioner, Emily Hackenburg, Director of Business Development, Matt Emmer, and Psychotherapist, Susan Brody will share how Field Trip’s clinics take ‘set and setting’ into account for every decision made, as a means to craft an environment that promotes long-lasting healing.

This webinar was recorded on September 23, 2020.

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