Psychedelic Therapy In-Clinic vs At-Home

Mental health solutions are not a one-size-fits-all. This is not limited to ketamine-assisted therapy and our offerings here at Field Trip. Our programs span from exclusively in-person with one-on-one support, to a hybrid offering made for those seeking a more flexible, community centered approach. 

Let’s compare our ketamine-assisted therapy programs available at Field Trip to help you better understand what works for you.

The Programs

The foundation of both programs is our evidence-based ketamine-assisted therapy protocol. 

Our In-Person program is an intensive program for people looking for immediate relief and deep breakthroughs. If you’ve hit a major block in your healing journey, this could be for you. Some of our clients have stated that this program has helped them achieve the equivalent of 5-10 years of therapy in the span of several weeks. This program has helped thousands of clients over the last few years. 93% of the clients who finish our In-Person program with noticeable improvements in their symptoms.

Our Hybrid program, Field Trip Freedom, is more of a long-term, holistic program. We’ve carefully crafted this program to be a cumulative, progressive journey where your results are maximized over the course a year. Though many will experience profound relief during the initial Awaken phase, it’s important to note that deeper, lasting healing comes in the later Strengthen and Deepen chapters. Think of this program as a holistic lifestyle change vs. a quick fix. It’s meant to help you not only tackle and heal the root of your suffering, but also helps you create a flexible and sustainable wellness routine that works for you. Freedom was built to provide you with results and habits that last, long after the program is done. 

Who are they for?

Both our In-Person and Freedom (Hybrid) programs are for individuals experiencing mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma. However, there are significant differences in the length and type of medical and therapeutic support that the respective programs offer. 

We recommend our In-Person program if you have moderate to severe conditions, treatment-resistant conditions or PTSD. If you would benefit from a lot of hands-on, individualized support and guidance throughout the process, then this is also for you. Our In-Person experience gives you the highest level of care, attention, and comfort. Field Trip locations are found in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Fredericton, and Vancouver. 

Our Freedom program is only currently available in California and Washington. We recommend this program for those with mild to moderate conditions that are comfortable using psychedelics in their home environment. While you do have medical and therapeutic guidance the whole way through and the support of a designated ‘sitter’ during your ketamine exploration, this program is less focused on one-on-one support. Many of the sessions/classes are in a group setting which allows for a sense of connectedness and understanding.

You can view the conditions/criteria that would make you ineligible for these programs on their respective pages (In-Person & Hybrid).  

What Does Preparation Look Like?

Preparation is an integral part of our treatment protocol. We want to ensure we’re setting our clients up for a successful journey. Your safety and comfort is key! 

For our In-Person program, you will attend a one-on-one therapy intake and preparation session with your expert therapist prior to your dose day. We use these sessions to discuss your mental health challenges and what you are looking to heal, set intentions for your exploration, and prepare your mindset. Journaling, meditating, and breathing exercises are all part of the regimen. 

With Hybrid, preparation looks a little different. Although there are no formalized one-on-one preparation sessions in place, we offer you a robust variety of support including asynchronous reading, meditation suggestions, pre & post exploration checklists, journal prompts, video content and virtual group preparation.

Field Trip's Los Angeles, California location

What Does Exploration Look Like?

Ketamine exploration, the ketamine administration and psychedelic experience, looks very different depending on the program you’re in. 

For our In-Person program, ketamine exploration takes place in one of our intentionally designed clinics, in a private room. You’ll be supported by a team, consisting of a medical provider and exploration therapist. A single session lasts approximately 2-3 hours, including the intention-setting foundation, peak psychedelic experience and additional time spent landing back into your body after your session. You’ll also get the chance to reflect with your therapist to talk about the experience. 

Our Hybrid program gives you flexibility to choose your ketamine exploration setting, at-home or in-clinic with a group, for each session. It is important to note that we do require a sitter to be on-site with you during the entirety of your exploration, if you choose to do your exploration at home. Your sitter is not required to be in the same room as you, but must be in the same setting and accessible at any time during your session for safety purposes. If you’re coming into the clinic, we will provide medical monitoring and therapeutic support in a group setting. You’ll have your own zero-gravity chair or bed to lie-on, headphones, and eye-mask, but will be in the same room as 5-10 other people going through the same experience.  

Field Trip's Seattle, Washington location

How is the Medicine Administered?

For our In-Person program, an experienced medical professional will administer the medicine through Intramuscular Injection. 

For the Freedom program, we exclusively provide ketamine lozenges as the route of administration. You will find your first prescription(s) of ketamine in your Freedom Welcome box upon arrival. After each session, you will fill out your Exploration Questionnaire (which will be reviewed by a medical provider) and your next dose(s) will be shipped to you incrementally. If you come into the clinic for your group exploration session, you must bring the ketamine lozenges with you (unopened). 

What is the Treatment Duration?

The In-Person program is designed to be tight knit and close in dosing days. Expect a 6-8 week commitment. During this time, you will go through 6 ketamine exploration sessions paired with one-on-one integration talk therapy. 

Our Hybrid Program is a 12 month journey, with weekly programming throughout the entire year. There are two chapters of the program in which ketamine exploration or dosing is taking place. In the Awaken phase (months 1-3) ketamine exploration will take place every 2 weeks for a total of 6 ketamine exploration sessions. The program also includes up to 6 additional enhancement explorations in the Deepen phase (months 7-12). However, The Freedom experience is more than just the medicine. Holistic wellness classes, webinars and events are a big part of the program and help you achieve the mind-body-spirit alignment that’s integral to healing. In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend that you finish out the full year of the program. 

What is the Cost?

In-Clinic, our treatment costs anywhere between $219-302 per month for 24 months (based on a 0% APR financing plan). Rates are based on credit and subject to an eligibility check. Down payment may be required. Visit to view financing options.

Our Hybrid program is a more accessible and affordable treatment program, as there are less individualized appointments. The investment is $299 USD per month for 1 year with no minimum commitment. 

Does Field Trip Health Have a Psychedelic Therapy Clinic Near Me?

Field Trip Health has clinics throughout the US and Canada. If you are ready to begin your journey toward healing and build your personalized treatment plan, then give us a call to learn more:

• 1-888-519-6016 (USA)

• 1-833-222-0084 (Canada)

Or schedule an appointment online, and our team will reach out to you.

How Do I Get Started with Freedom?

Visit our Hybrid page to learn more about the program and your qualification. To get started, click the button at the bottom of the page that says "Start Program."

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