Privacy Policy

At Stella MSO LLC dba Field Trip Health (“Field Trip”), we are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you about the types of Personal Information Field Trip (as follows, “we” or “us”) collects, uses and discloses in connection with the Field Trip services(the “Field Trip Services”). It explains how we use and disclose that information, the choices you have regarding such use and disclosure, and how you may correct that information.

We are committed to your privacy, and to complying with the laws and regulations under applicable privacy laws in Canada, and specifically the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and the Personal Health Information Protection Act (Ontario) and the regulations thereunder. From time to time, we may make changes to this Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement is current as of the “last revised” date which appears at the top of this page. We will treat Personal Information in a manner consistent with the Privacy Statement under which it was collected, unless we have your consent to treat it differently.

The following topics will be covered in this Privacy Statement:

1. What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” is any information that is identifiable with you, as an individual. This information may include but is not limited to your name, contact information, information that relates to your physical or mental health, including information that consists of the health history of your family, information related to the providing of healthcare to you, including the identification of a person as a provider of healthcare to you, and Field Trip usernames and passwords. Personal Information, however, does not include your name, business title or business address and business telephone number in your capacity as an employee of an organization.

2. How do we collect your Personal Information?

We will always collect your Personal Information by fair and lawful means. We may collect Personal Information from you directly and/or from third parties, where we (and/or those third parties) have obtained your consent, or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

3. Where do we store your Personal Information?

We will keep the Personal Information that we collect either at the Field Trip offices or our service provider’s data centres in Canada and the United States.

4. How do we use your Personal Information?

We identify the purposes for which we use your Personal Information at the time we collect such information from you and obtain your consent, in any case, prior to such use. We generally use your Personal Information for the following purposes (the “Purposes”):

5. To whom do we provide your Personal Information?

Generally, we will only make disclosures of Personal Information to such persons for which you provide your consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing:

6. When and how do we obtain your consent?

We generally obtain your consent prior to collecting, and in any case, prior to using or disclosing your Personal Information for any purpose. You may provide your consent to us either orally, electronically or in writing. The form of consent that we seek, including whether it is express or implied, will largely depend on the sensitivity of the personal information and the reasonable expectations you might have in the circumstances. In limited circumstances, we may rely on a third party to obtain your consent to the sharing of your personal information with us. You may withdraw your consent by providing us notice. You may expressly instruct that your personal health information not be used or disclosed for healthcare purposes without your consent.

7. How do we ensure the privacy of your Personal Information when dealing with our affiliates and other third parties?

We ensure that all affiliates and other third parties that are engaged to perform services on our behalf and are provided with Personal Information are contractually required to observe the intent of this Privacy Statement and our privacy practices.

8. How long will we use, disclose or retain your Personal Information?

We will use, disclose or retain your Personal Information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which that Personal Information was collected and as permitted or required by law.

9. How can you review your Personal Information that we have collected, used or disclosed?

If you make a written request to review any Personal Information about you that we have collected, used or disclosed, we will provide you with any such Personal Information to the extent required by law. We will make such Personal Information available to you in a form that is generally understandable, and will explain any abbreviations or codes.

10. How do you know that the Personal Information we have on you is accurate?

We will ensure that your Personal Information is kept as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible. We will not routinely update your Personal Information, unless such a process is necessary. We expect you, from time to time, to supply us with written updates to your Personal Information, when required.

11. What if the Personal Information we have on you is inaccurate?

At any time, you can challenge the accuracy or completeness of your Personal Information in our records. If you successfully demonstrate that your Personal Information in our records is inaccurate or incomplete, we will amend the Personal Information as required. Where appropriate, we will transmit the amended information to third parties having access to your Personal Information.

12. How fast will we respond to your written requests?

We will attempt to respond to each of your written requests not later than 30 days after receipt of such requests. We will advise you in writing if we cannot meet your requests within this time limit. You have the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and/or the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario in respect of this time limit.

13. Are there any costs to you for requesting information about your Personal Information or our privacy practices?

We will not charge any costs for you to access your Personal Information in our records or to access our privacy practices without first providing you with an estimate of the approximate costs, if any.

14. How do we know that it is really you requesting your Personal Information?

We may request that you provide sufficient identification to permit access to the existence, use or disclosure of your Personal Information. Any such identifying information shall be used only for this purpose.

15. What safeguards have we implemented to protect your Personal Information?

We have implemented physical, organizational, contractual and technological security measures to protect your Personal Information from loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. The only employees, contractors and third-party service providers granted access to your Personal Information are those with a business ‘need-to-know’ or whose duties reasonably require such information.

16. What information is collected by your websites and through cookies?

When you visit any of our websites, we collect information from you automatically. This includes the URL of the site you came from, your browser, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, date/time of access, data transferred, pages visited, amount of time on the websites, transactions conducted, and other “clickstream” data. This information is used to assist us in our marketing efforts, help diagnose technical problems, and to improve our websites. 

We may also collect “de-identified data” from website visitors, in other words data that does not identify an individual, to: monitor system usage, server and software performance, to improve system design, to create benchmarks and to conduct trending analyses, and perform statistical analyses and generate data related to how you use our website.

We use functional cookies on our website to deliver the desired functionality and user experience and analytics cookies to collect and analyze aggregate visitor behaviour. Cookies help us better understand how our websites are used and to improve them, as well as provide visitors the benefit of not having to re-enter the same data over and over again. You can disable cookies and still obtain access to most of our websites. Information about website visitors may be collated and analyzed by third party services like Google Analytics.

17. How do you contact us regarding access to your Personal Information or our privacy practices?

When contacting Field Trip regarding any issue, please do not include any Personal Information (other than your contact information) or health information in the subject line or in the content of your message. Note that email is not a secure method for transmitting information.

Last Revised August 2, 2023