Field Trip's "Tales from the Treatment"

Current and conventional antidepressant therapy regimens are not a one-size-fits-all approach and are not effective for many people. Psychedelic medicine, particularly ketamine-assisted therapy, has been showing promise as a highly-effective and fast-acting treatment option for treatment-resistant mental health conditions. With the safe and intentional use of consciousness-altering experiences supported by health professionals in the right set and setting, many people have found rapid and long-lasting results and are moving through barriers that were previously holding them back.

This replay will give you the an opportunity to recap on a conversation with one of our lead therapists and someone who has already completed her healing journey with Field Trip Health to hear her story firsthand. Our speakers will walk you through exactly what to expect when embarking on a healing journey at Field Trip Health, the importance we place on a holistic model of care, and the impact it can have on peoples' lives.

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