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A flexible and holistic journey towards transformation.

Built on our evidence-based in-clinic protocol that has helped thousands of our clients lead happier, more fulfilled lives, our Freedom program was built to bring you ease, with your choice of at-home or in-person sessions.

This hybrid healing journey combines Ketamine therapy, medical and therapeutic guidance, wellness classes, and week-by-week holistic programming to help you feel better, free yourself from negative thought patterns, cultivate resilience, and achieve lasting change.

Designed for those who:

Are further away from our clinics, face logistical challenges, or prefer the flexibility of a hybrid model of care.

Are seeking a more affordable program with less in-person services.

Comfortable with self-exploration and motivated to heal.

Have previously tried psychedelics or are comfortable experiencing ketamine exploration in their home.

What we treat:




For those with moderate to severe mental health challenges or those that would benefit from greater medical/therapeutic support, we recommend our In-Person program.

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Program benefits.

  • Find relief.

    93% of our clients with depression and anxiety finish their program with noticeable symptom improvement.*

  • Fit your lifestyle.

    Flexible self-scheduling allows you to choose between at home and in-person for each treatment session.

  • Sustain your results.

    Wellness tools and classes, combined with the neuroplasticity induced by ketamine, help you develop healthier thought-patterns for lasting progress.

  • Feel supported by experts.

    With monitoring from licensed medical providers and integration talk therapy with licensed therapists, you’ll always have guidance and support.

  • Work with your budget.

    By reducing the amount of time spent in our clinics, you can receive our game-changing treatment for a more affordable price.

How it works.

Each week, you’ll be assigned tasks to complete in the Field Trip platform. You’ll also have access to monthly live events and workshops.


Months 1-3

We start you with a low dose of ketamine to gain familiarity and gradually increase your dose over 6 sessions to maximize your experience. During this exploratory period, integration circles, journaling, and wellness classes will help you process your emotions and challenge ingrained patterns that impact your daily life.


Months 4-6

You’ll be experiencing an increase in neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to heal and form new connections. Through classes, journaling, breathwork, group integration therapy sessions, and daily practice, you'll start creating and strengthening healthier thought patterns. You’ll also meet 1:1 with a therapist and have a medical check-in prior to starting the next chapter.


Months 7-12

Go deeper in your psychedelic experiences with up to 6 additional dosing sessions. These sessions are meant to enhance your personal growth, extend the results of your treatment, and solidify the progress you’ve made. This phase of your journey also unlocks more advanced holistic programming, curated to help you build upon what you’ve learned in the previous chapters.

What's in the Welcome box?

Ketamine Dose
Blood Pressure Monitor
Eye Mask
The Trip Journal
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
Ginger Chews
Tote Bag

Features and pricing.

  • Up to 12 at-home or in-person ketamine exploration dosing sessions.**

  • Unlimited group integration circles with a licensed therapist.

  • Two one-on-one integration sessions with a licensed therapist.***

  • Mobile app featuring meditations, music, articles, and journey tracking.

  • Weekly classes in meditation, breathwork, movement therapy, creative expression, sound healing, and holistic wellness coaching.

  • Community talks and events.

  • Initial medical consultation, program check-in, and medicine monitoring.


* Based on Field Trip Health Preliminary Data, 2020-2022.

** The in-person sessions take place in our clinics, in a group setting.

*** Additional one-on-one sessions can be added to your program for a supplementary cost.

Freedom giveaway details.

  • Use the promo code FREEANDWELL22 on the checkout page.

  • The first month will be FREE ($299 value). A credit card is required, but will not be charged. After the first month, the cost of the program is $299 per month. Cancel anytime.

  • The promotion is available on a first come, first serve basis and there are a limited number of spots available. Initial medical consultation must be completed in December.

  • California & Washington state only.

How does Field Trip compare?

At home and hybrid ketamine therapy programs at a glance:




Treatment Location


At home or in-clinic.

At home

At home

At home

In-Person Treatment

Ketamine Doses





Medical Consultation





1:1 Therapy

2 Sessions

With a licensed therapist.

Health Coaching

Group Therapy

Preparation, Integration



4 sessions

Wellness Classes

Nutrition, Health, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation



Cancel anytime.
$1068 program
$1399 program


$299 / treatment
$178 / treatment
$233 / treatment
$399 / treatment

Find the relief you’ve been looking for.

We want to help. The first step in our intake process is an initial questionnaire, prior to booking your consultation with our medical team. Let’s get started.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is ketamine effective? Is it safe?

How is ketamine taken?

How will I receive the ketamine treatment?

Will I be supervised during my ketamine treatment?

Will I be able to drive after my ketamine treatment?

Are there any conditions that would make me ineligible?

How do I schedule my treatments & classes?

Why is there an emphasis on community/group healing?

What if I don’t like my ketamine treatment? Can I cancel?

Is this program covered by insurance?