As Seen on the Today Show: Ketamine, A New & Promising Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment alternatives, namely psychedelic medicine, is slowly but surely making its way into mainstream media. NBC’s Kate Snow reports on Field Trip for the TODAY Show and our clinics that offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for a variety of mental health conditions.

The New York City clinic has a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere that evokes a setting of safety and peace, and patients receive administrations of ketamine under supervision of therapists, doctors, nurse practitioners, and more.

Ketamine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an anesthetic for many years, and was also recently approved for treatment-resistant depression and complex mental health conditions. Patients at Field Trip have reported positive experiences and claim that the treatment has even saved their lives. The precise mechanisms by which ketamine works in the brain is believed to increase feel-good chemicals and reduce inflammation, as well as creating new neural pathways that are associated with the ability to form new habits. Ketamine can also produce psychedelic experiences that may improve mood. 

Chere Scythes, a former Field Trip patient, said that after hearing about the positive experiences of friends and colleagues who had undergone ketamine and other psychedelic treatments, she decided to try it herself. She initially sought ketamine therapy in response to a series of traumatic events, including the death of her mother from alcohol abuse, a divorce, and the loss of a close friend. Despite trying antidepressants in the past, they had not been effective for her.

“Patients often say, ‘This changed my life,’” said Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist at the Field Trip clinic in Los Angeles.  

In recollecting her first treatment, Chere says it was vivid and memorable. She saw herself as a little girl, playing in the woods that she loved as a child, and then she saw her mother, who passed away nearly 20 years ago.

I told her how much I loved her and how much I missed her, and I felt this unconditional love for her that I couldn’t quite feel when she was alive,” she said. “Once it was over, that deep sadness that was in my body for so long was just gone.

As we have more open-minded and world-wide discussions about the potential positive effects of psychedelic medicine, we will make progress in healing the world.


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