Three Reasons to Choose Field Trip

The decision to work with psychedelic medicines is one that merits careful consideration. Which medicine will you choose? Where and with whom will you trip? At Field Trip Health & Wellness, we know that these are not decisions to take lightly. We have extensively prepared to make your journey the most supportive, safe, and effective journey possible. So, why choose us?

Tripping with ketamine at Field Trip is SAFE

Those familiar with psychedelic practices have likely heard of the importance of Set and Setting. Our clinics are carefully designed to facilitate a sense of comfortability and a spirit of true healing. Unlike sterile medical environments, our warm and relaxing retreats help you feel safe so you can immerse yourself in your healing experience. Moreover, patients who trip in our clinics will have access to trained medical and mental health professionals at all points in their journey to offer support in the unlikely event that challenging experiences emerge. We want you to feel fully secure the entire journey.

It is also noteworthy that Field Trip protects your safety by working exclusively with medicines that are legal. In most cases, ketamine is the only legal psychedelic currently approved for therapeutic use in Canada and the USA – however, some of our efforts are working towards cutting edge research utilizing other substances!

Our treatment team and protocols are EFFECTIVE

Field Trip employs medical and mental health experts in the field of psychedelics, many of whom have invested years of their life to further education and training in order to work specifically with psychedelic medicines. Moreover, our science-backed protocol for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has shown several cases of fast acting & long lasting results

When it comes to treatment planning and preparing for your exploration, Field Trip professionals use a collaborative approach which centers your treatment goals and personal values. Many of our clients report finishing our treatment program with feelings of personal growth, clarity, and connection. No two trips are the same, just as no two people are alike. By combining cutting-edge science, centuries old traditions, and the patient’s individual preferences, we are able to tailor results that are fully custom to you as a whole person.

Treatment with Field Trip is truly PSYCHEDELIC

As the psychedelic renaissance gains momentum, some clinics and pharmaceutical companies have attempted to harness benefits from these medicines while removing the psychedelic experience. While there are definite benefits on a neurochemical and neuroplastic level, we at Field Trip see the "trip" as just as important. 

Field Trip embraces a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach, meaning we believe in your inner ability to heal, and we view you as a whole, multi-faceted being. The medicines we work with preserve the psychedelic experience in their chemistry, so that you can access the benefits of not only the neurochemical changes and improved neuroplasticity, but also the cognitive insights that are gained during the unique experience of tripping

Ultimately, Field Trip Health & Wellness services are state of the art therapeutic care which centers your true you. Treatments are safe, effective, and unlike any other form of legal therapy available.

Does Field Trip Health Have a Ketamine Therapy Offering Near Me?

Field Trip Health have clinics and at-home programs throughout the US and Canada. If you are ready to begin your journey toward healing and build your personalized treatment plan, then give us a call to learn more:

  • 1-888-519-6016 (USA)
  • 1-833-222-0084 (Canada)

Or schedule an appointment online, and our team will reach out to you.‍

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