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Ketamine 101
Treatment at Field Trip
Backed by Science

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Ketamine 101

A deep dive into its origins, medicinal uses, and therapeutic properties. Learn everything you need to know about Ketamine and become familiar with this remarkable tool for healing.

Treatment at Field Trip

Understand our approach to Ketamine-assisted therapy and how Field Trip's protocol helps clients report marked improvements in their anxiety and depression symptoms immediately after treatment – and continued a month later.


Backed By Science

Explore credible research and discover the fascinating science behind Ketamine. Learn why we choose it as part of our treatment to help unlock inner healing wisdom.

“It was like I was born with a new brain after going through those sessions. I never thought I would feel this way in my lifetime, and that I would be able to so effortlessly think and feel the way I finally do about myself.”

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Field Trip offers regular opportunities to hear about the client experience firsthand. Join us in a virtual conversation with one of our lead therapists, connect with someone who completed their healing journey and learn about what it's like working with us.
The session will review the importance of a holistic model of care and discuss the positive outcomes and sustained impact it can have on peoples' lives. Sign up and come curious, as there will be ample time for questions.

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Are you disappointed with the results from other therapies or medications? Is something blocking progress, but you’re not sure what? Find out if psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is right for you.

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