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Pepita's Story: When There's Light in Your Mind, There's Light in Your Heart

Pepita Sandwich is an Argentinian illustrator and visual artist currently living in Brooklyn. Her unique drawings showcase a distinct style marked by rich color palettes, a sense of motion, and a voice of her own. After embarking on her healing journey with Field Trip, Pepita crafted a visual essay to capture her thoughts, feelings and outcomes through a medium that she knows best.

"I felt like I was exploring my mind in a profound way. I experienced beauty, love and meaning. Ketamine offered me a key and a light to my mind and the world. Now, whenever I feel lost, I recall the feelings I had during my guided session and everything feels less stressful. Field Trip offered me a safe and cured space to have the best experience possible. I felt calm, relaxed and blissful. For me the whole experience was like a golden nirvana." — Pepita

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