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Field Trip’s treatment programs are designed based on scientific research and the wisdom passed down through generations of traditional psychedelic practices. Each treatment program combines the use of psychedelic medicine with therapeutic processing and integration. 

Our treatment programs have the option to be booked as guided personal experiences or guided group experiences with a collective of four individuals. Group experiences provide additional human interaction and deeper feelings of connection with like-minded individuals that psychedelic medicine is known to enhance.

Regardless of whether you opt for our personal or group experiences, all Field Trip Health programs are made up of an initial psychiatric consultation, an initial meeting with your therapist, and a combination of our three main program building blocks:





Your preparation session is essential to the start of your healing journey with Field Trip Health. In this session, you will establish your therapeutic relationship and the intentions that will shape your psychedelic experience and integration work. Safety and consent are established here, creating a strong foundation to carry you through your treatment.

02Psychedelic exploration

Psychedelic exploration


Psychedelic exploration

At the start of your psychedelic exploration session, your therapeutic team will walk you through what to expect and when you are comfortable, will administer your psychedelic medicine. Our team starts off with low doses to establish your sensitivity and comfort to the psychedelic medicine and will determine subsequent doses based on your response and treatment goals. Immediately after your experience, your therapist will spend time with you to discuss, reflect, and explore the experiences you had.





In each integration session, your therapist will work with you to derive meaning from what occurred in your psychedelic experience, and translate the awarenesses into tangible everyday life practices. Integration work takes the psychedelic experience and turns it into sustainable, impactful change. All integration sessions are conducted virtually.


As you engage with us, we will discuss your past history, current conditions, treatment intentions and objectives, and any support you may need throughout your journey.

We work from a trauma-informed care lens, and work with you every step to tailor your experience to your unique needs. Safety is required for healing, and your active consent is a vital building block to your process.

Our treatment programs are designed to be carried out sequentially. The combination, frequency, and order of each of our program building blocks will be discussed with you and will be recommended based on your unique circumstances. Typically, what many individuals coming through our health centers find is that the treatment program looks something like this:

our program steps

Who is our treatment for?

Field Trip Health’s treatment protocol has been designed to help those suffering from treatment resistant mental health conditions, including depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and trauma.

Potential contraindications and risk factors that would result in the Field Trip Health program not being a good fit.

Although the use of psychedelic therapy is safe, there are some conditions that may result in risks that would make our program a poor fit for you. We assess all individuals for any possible safety concerns prior to starting treatment.

That said, high blood pressure that is well controlled with medication may not be contraindicated with psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our medical team will assess blood pressure prior to treatment. If your blood pressure is too high, unfortunately, we will not be able to administer your medication and your appointments will need to be rescheduled to ensure your safety.

The Field Trip medical team closely assesses each new individual interested in our program during our consultation process to make sure our program is a safe fit for you. A list of some of the most notable contraindications include:

Absolute Contraindications

Allergy to Ketamine

Recent Traumatic Brain Injury

History of Psychosis

Relative Contraindications

Moderate to Extreme Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Uncontrolled Hypertension

Medication Risks (benzodiazepines, opioids)

Respiratory Issues

Personality Disorders

Acute Suicidal Ideation

Active Substance Use

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Uncontrolled Hypertension

Medication Risks (benzodiazepines, opioids)

Respiratory Issues

Personality Disorders

Acute Suicidal Ideation

Significant Past Substance Abuse

Active Substance Use

Cost of Treatment

Introductory Treatment

We know that taking the first step in a new treatment program may leave you with a lot to consider. We offer our introductory package for $750* so you can ease your way into the journey.

Our introductory offering includes:

An initial meeting with our medical team

An onboarding meeting with your therapist, including your preparation session

Your first psychedelic exploration

A 30 minute integration session

Depending on circumstance, your therapeutic team may recommend additional introductory preparation and integration sessions.

*Plus applicable taxes. Financing is available, enabling regular payments over 12 months.

Subsequent Treatment Sessions

After your first treatment session, you may decide to continue the remainder of your treatment sessions on a guided personal basis, or to engage in guided group treatment with three other individuals.

Guided Personal Sessions

Psychedelic exploration - $750

Full integration session - $250

Guided Group Sessions

Psychedelic exploration - $375

Full integration session - $125

We recognize that there are financial considerations to take into account when starting treatment. Many individuals find that, depending on their benefits and insurance providers, aspects of their program may be covered and reimbursed. We are out-of-network, and so we encourage you to check with your insurance provider and are happy to help by providing reimbursement superbills to assist you in the process. 

Field Trip also offers a financial payment plan to assist with payments. Our program allows you to spread your treatment cost over a year in regular payments. We are happy to discuss this program with you further, just ask us.

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