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While psychedelic medicine is new, it is research-backed and evidence-based. Leading research institutions are contributing to the growing body of medical literature. Our program is based on this mounting evidence, and is tailored to fit each person. The very first step is to see if this treatment is right for you.

Is this for me?

How does it work?

We take a step-by-step, integrated approach to using ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy to bring you back to life.  




Meet our team

Join us in one of our Field Trip Health Centers, tour the space, and meet our team of psychiatrists and therapists. We want to learn more about you, as well as answer your questions. This initial consultation will include physical and lifestyle assessments to ensure you are suitable for ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy, and to help us tailor a treatment plan just for you.




Prepare for treatment

Once our psychiatrists and psychologists have developed an evidence-based psychedelics treatment plan for you, you will get access to an online portal. This will provide information about psychedelics and the therapy. We will ask you to work through some exercises at home to make sure you are clear about the process and what you can do to get the most benefit out of your treatment plan.




Begin your journey

Think of your treatment as an immersive journey. Your therapists will guide you through several supervised ketamine-enhanced therapy sessions over several weeks. Empowered by the profound transpersonal experience of these sessions, you will begin working directly with your psychotherapists to reframe negative thought patterns and begin the process of breaking old habits.




Process your experience

Following the ketamine sessions, you and your psychotherapy team will meet regularly in our center to process your experience and develop a behaviour-focused action plan tailored to your lifestyle, challenges, and needs. Additional meditation and mindfulness tools will deepen your self-awareness. Additional therapeutic exercises at home rounds out your integrated treatment plan.




Continue your journey

Your treatment with Field Trip is just the start. We want you to continue building your mental wellness after you have completed all of your in-center therapy sessions. Your therapy team will empower you to take these learnings into your life. We’ll offer sustainable resources to continue your wellness journey, while being available virtually if needed. Now that you are part of our family, we will continue to track your progress using evidence-based digital measures.


About ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy

Ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy is conducted at lower doses of ketamine than what has been used safely in anaesthesia for decades. Esketamine, a ketamine-derived drug, was the first FDA-approved drug to treat depression in 35 years. Our therapy uses lower doses of ketamine medication in a safe setting alongside psychotherapy. These lower doses can promote better mental health by disrupting thought patterns or loops that may be preventing progress.

How does ketamine therapy work?

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Ketamine interacts with some of your brain’s neurotransmitters. Its effects can include relieving anxiety and pain relief, and acting as an antidepressant. Under medical supervision, lower doses of ketamine can relax your mind and allow you to temporarily disengage from your routine thought patterns. When combined with psychotherapy, studies found it can be helpful in reducing anxiety and depression.

How does ketamine therapy feel?

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It is difficult to describe how taking ketamine feels because every person may react differently to the experience. You may experience a sense of disconnection—that you are observing your mind and body from outside rather than within. The experience has also been described as “euphoric,” “calming,” and “mystical.”

Is ketamine therapy safe?

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When used in a supervised setting at low doses, ketamine therapy is quite safe. You will have fully trained health professionals at your side throughout your treatment journey. As with any treatment, there are potential risks and side effects. Before beginning your treatment with Field Trip, you will meet with our medical team to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

What is psychedelic medicine?

The psychedelic experience is one of spirited exploration and discovery, both of yourself and the world at large. Thoughtful interactions with our therapists, combined with the ketamine therapy, play a central role. These can be serious yet playful and challenging yet simple. You’ll have the space and time to laugh, cry, and reset in powerful ways.

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Are you disappointed with the results from other therapies or medications? Is something blocking progress, but you’re not sure what? Find out if psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy is right for you.

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