Tasha Schumann

Tasha is an award-winning recording artist, creator, mentor, and explorer of the mind. As an authorized teacher of meditation and yoga, she has practiced in the Indo-Tibetan traditions for over a decade. She is sought after for her clarity in bringing the esoteric and scientific together into no-bulls**t english. Whether in the moshpit or the meditation hall, she's on a mission to help people explore the “WTF-IS-GOING-ON-HERE?!” of reality in whichever way she can and in 2020 founded RARELING, a learning platform for creatives and adventurers to discover practice across modalities. Her work has been featured in HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and she’s been profiled in places like Billboard Magazine, New York Magazine, and FADER.


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The Creativity of Being

Join award-winning artist and meditation guide, Tasha Schumann, in this practice of harnessing the inner creator that becomes more accessible in the 'window of opportunity' following a psychedelic experience. Look inward, turn on your boundless awareness, and watch your creativity surface.


The Creativity of Meaning-Making

When we watch the mind, we encounter it’s awesome creative power: the ability to make meaning of experience through story-telling. This meaning-making happens spontaneously and is the greatest source of our creativity. Normally, we believe everything we think and often become boxed in by our stories. When this happens, we’re no longer in our creative power - our stories are creating us. But when we can see these processes at work, we take the driver’s seat and begin to express our stories creatively, with purpose.


Creating from Authenticity

In this practice, we'll explore the question: “What is here right now and what does it want to say?” Psychedelics remind us that our creativity is always in us. It is a consistent flowing of consciousness that, if tuned into, can be accessed effortlessly. We don’t have to labor intensely to create something from thin air. Instead, our task as creators is to attend to what is already here and guide it into form with compassionate attention. In this guidance by musician and fearless creator, Tasha Schumann, we begin to usher our stories, feelings, and energies into form. You can use whatever creative mode speaks to you (music, visual art, writing and poetry, or movement) to simply create and hold safe, compassionate space for whatever emerges. Feel free to pause the audio at any point if you need more time to just create freely.


The Creativity of Interbeing

In previous meditations in this Creativity series, we explored our inner world and experimented with creating freely. Art and creativity are powerful tools for communication with not only ourselves, but with others as well. When we see the subjectivity of our own perspective, we can more deeply appreciate the unique perspective of others, and this insight deepens our creativity. We begin to tell impactful, 3-dimensional stories and our art resonates with others. In this meditation, we’ll explore the perspectives of others. We’ll practice holding multiple perspectives in spacious, compassionate awareness and discover constructive ways for our creative energy to emerge in the midst. This practice helps us tune into the questions: “What is it like for others right now?” “Holding these different perspectives, what is emerging from my experience right now?” “How can my creativity help others?”


Creating from Intention & Vision

In the previous meditations in this 5-part Creative Power series, we’ve grown from creating privately to creating in conversation with others. Now, we’ll deepen our mastery and create from intentionality and vision. In this guided meditation, we’ll use positive imagery to develop a sense of purpose, hope, and agency. Like a lotus that is rooted in the mud and opens to the sky, we look with compassion and gratitude onto where we are now, and imagine what is possible through our wisdom and creativity. This practice helps us tune into the questions: “Seeing what I see now, what would I like to create/do/be?” “Who or what can support me in bringing this vision into form?”