Sophie Whitney

Sophie Whitney is the founder of Integration Space, providing psychedelic integration counseling services and integration education. With an M.A. in psychology from Columbia University and doctoral candidate, Sophie's research focuses on developing a psychedelic integration scale and mapping the process of integration. She has worked in Costa Rica at an ayahuasca retreat center, in NYC for the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care program, and is co-founder of a non-profit called As We Wake—supporting humans in awakening to their transcendent identity. Sophie Whitney has been both personally and professionally involved in the field of plant medicines and psychedelics for the past 12 years and is inspired and honored to continue to contribute to this mission and community.


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Connecting to Unity

A guided meditation for connecting to the self transcendent experience that is often accessed in the psychedelic experience. Allow your sense of self to extend beyond the boundaries of you, to return to the origin of where you come from and reach a felt sense of unity and connection to the universe at large.


Setting Intentions: Visioning your future

A guided meditation to inspire and set your intention in preparation for a psychedelic journey. We will reflect on what brings you to embark on this upcoming journey, so you can become clear on the intention that will act as a guiding light during your experience.