Six Missing

Six Missing is the ambient, meditative, and cinematic endeavor of award-winning sound designer, mixer and composer, TJ Dumser. His work appears in numerous film + tv projects and is often the backdrop to explorers looking inwardly. As an avid meditator and inner journeyer, Dumser centers himself in the present moment to create deeply textured, lush, and emotional sonic landscapes that allow the listener to drift away or close their eyes and exist within the theater of the mind. These cinematic soundscapes lend themselves to film, tv, and activities in which words fail to capture meaning.


Without Mind

"Without Mind" was created in a place of just that - no mind. It offers you a gentle hand to allow you to drift deep out to sea all the while silently letting you know you will safely return. The experience is best observed in a quiet, darkened room with eyes closed. Be well, fair voyager.



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