Ryan Westrum

Dr. Ryan Westrum, PhD, LMFT, is an internationally recognized psychedelic integration expert. For more than 15 years, his primary focus has been working with individuals and groups facilitating experiential therapy and integrating psychedelic journeys into healing and personal transformation. Ryan speaks on a myriad of topics and leads experiential groups, like dreamwork integration therapy and psychedelic integration groups.


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Exploring Your Five Senses

Give yourself a moment to connect to the present through a guided meditation using your five senses. In this practice, you will develop a deeper relationship with your body and build on your psychedelic integration practice.


Inner Self Grounding and Peace

Develop a deeper relationship with your body and Self with this integration meditation by Ryan Westrum. Explore and surrender to your Earthly vessel. This exercise could also be used in preparation for your journey.


Grounding Your Body with Mother Earth

Practice the art of grounding in a brief meditation by Ryan Westrum. This practice encourages the awareness that the Earth has been around everyday of your life to catch, support, and ground you. Use this meditation to evoke gratitude and a sense of safety after landing from your journey.


Connecting with the Sun

Integrate and ground with the energy body that gives us life: The Sun. Engage in this practice after your journey to crystalize your connectivity as a light being. This meditation's music is tuned to the frequency of the sun: 126.22 Hz.