Othership offers 300+ music-driven guided breathwork classes to lift you up and ground you down: kickstart your day, cultivate focus, fight fatigue, sleep deeper, regulate your emotions, and learn the science-backed how + why of breathing mechanics.


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Self Love Breathwork

Feel into self love with this powerful guided practice combining breathwork with intention and meditation. To love yourself is not an act of selfishness, it is an act of kindness toward others because when you love yourself it shines through to everyone around you.


Kickstarter Breathwork

Instead of going for that cup of coffee, kick-start your morning or afternoon with this energizing and enlivening breathwork session. This is the perfect ritual to begin your day with lucidity in preparation for your journey. Amanda Laine of Othership will guide you through sympathetic-inducing breathwork styles that move you into mental clarity and a present state of awareness.



Breathing and cannabis are a powerful pair, as THC has been shown to open the lung passages, which increases the oxygen exchange rate in the body. As a result, cannabis can increase your oxygen intake, creating neural effects consistent with deep meditative practices. While we do not promote the use to substances, this session has been created in partnership with several Cannabis brands. Participants used cannabis as a medicine before lying down for the session. It is best to do this practice lying down, headphones on, eyes covered. Facilitated by Amanda Laine and Harry Taylor.