Moe Ari

Moe Ari is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with years of experience as an integrative trauma therapist. Hailing from Chicago, Moe spent the beginning part of his career as a therapist, working to help people who experienced extremely violent traumas. Through this work, Moe developed a sixth sense for helping individuals navigate their unconscious and transcend the constraints of their fears. He became interested in psychedelic medicine as a supplement to the therapeutic process through numerous experiences with individuals who asked him to help them integrate their profound psychedelic journeys. As a holistic helper of mankind, Moe is invigorated by the field of psychedelic medicine and its potential to expand the limits of human consciousness and deepen our awareness of our true nature. In doing so, Moe hopes he can help more people access their greatest strengths. He brings a wonderful expertise and wisdom to psychedelic integration, trauma therapy, narrative therapy, energy healing, meditation, and somatic therapy.


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Returning To Your Body

Field Trip Health psychedelic therapist, Moe Ari, guides you in landing back into yourself and this reality following a psychedelic journey. Return to your body and the earth, let the emotional charge of your experience begin to rest and your mind find clarity and peace to enable the beginning of your integration process.


Guided Intention Setting

Field Trip Health psychedelic therapist, Moe Ari, guides you in the practice of intention setting. In preparation for a psychedelic journey, setting a specific and personal intention will act as a guiding light during your experience, directing you towards connecting with and manifesting your desires. Ask yourself, "what energy will I bring into my journey?" As the answer forms in your heart, allow your intention to be a North Star for your process of transformation. Set your intention, then trust and allow the journey to unfold.


Awakening & Embracing Gratitude

Take this time to acknowledge all the good in your life. There is so much to be thankful for, and practicing conscious gratitude after your journey will bring you back to the gifts this life on Earth has given you.


Release & Let Go

When working with psychedelic medicine, often times feelings of attachment are brought to the forefront. Moe Ari guides you through letting go of all the things that no longer serve your highest self. When we release, we are able to shift our focus to rejuvenation, clarity, and renewal. Use this meditation as a companion to the musical journey “Release & Return.”


Renewal in Entering a New Chapter

Change and growth come right after letting go. Following your journey, Moe Ari guides you from release to renewal. Use this meditation as a portal to resetting and receiving new light into your heart. Transformation begins now.


Living Beyond Fear

When working with psychedelics, shadow work is inevitable. It is a highly transformative yet sometimes difficult part of the process. Moe Ari offers direction to work through, not around, your fear in a brief guided session.


Guidance on the "I Am"

“I am” is probably the most powerful statement in our language. It changes someone's perspective about you, and also has the power to shift your own perspective and reality. “I am” statements are energy. This energy can be used destructively or positively. Use this practice to manifest your worthiness and your reality.