Metastory activates the source of human creativity, imagination, through immersive audio stories using breathwork, meditation, and sound effects that expose you to new worlds and perspectives. With psychedelic medicine taking roots in western culture, people are yearning for ways to safely integrate these experiences into their daily routine. Metastory believes audio stories are one pathway to exploring and integrating the archetypal patterns of our subconscious—media as medicine.


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The Cave

Explore the archetypal patterns of your subconscious in this audio story by Metastory, guiding you deep into the caves of your mind and helping you connect to your roots and the sacred earth with which we are one.



In a universe with planets and stars spread across inconceivable distances, intelligent life communicates through the worm hole of the subconscious mind. Drop in and link up to Life all around you with your guide, "Meta".



Reconnect to the pure and receptive child in you in this audio story, guiding you through the story of your formation into being. Feel the journey as your senses come online, and listen to your mother's laugh and cry as you enter into this world for the first time.



Brace yourself in this audio story that guides you on an adventure back in time to feel the world from the perspective of your old and tiny ancestor. The world was simpler but no less dynamic and emotionally charged as you experience the thrill of the fiery forest.