Jude Star

Jude is an integrative therapist and consciousness explorer. He has been studying Buddhism and meditation for nearly two decades and has extensive training in existential, depth, somatic, and Gestalt psychotherapy. He’s been a content writer for Calm and Open, and facilitates mindfulness skills training workshops for therapists and healthcare professionals. He also has over a decade experience in the traditional use of ayahuasca and psychedelic therapies.


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Practicing Forgiveness

A practice to forgive ourselves and others, but always coming back to ourselves, using the phrase “I forgive myself for not understanding.”


Freedom & Wholeness

A practice for overcoming a fractured, inadequate self-image. Guided by Jude Star, connect with your basic humanity and inherent goodness to discover, soften, and release what’s obscuring the recognition of our essential and whole nature.


Befriending Your Body

It's common to judge our body for not meeting certain standards, or feel betrayed by it if it's not functioning as we hope. This practice will help strengthen and repair our relationship to our body, bringing compassion and acceptance to how our body looks, how it feels and how it functions.