Jeralyn Glass

Jeralyn is a leader and pioneer in the field of Sound Healing using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. She is an internationally known Singer, Professor, Meditation Leader, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist. She has a unique presence with her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation and high vibrational sound. Passionate about Music and Sound as tools of self discovery and healing, Jeralyn founded CrystalCadence, home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple, where in addition to consultations choosing your alchemy bowls, she also teaches The Sacred Science of Sound Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Trainings, offers Mentorships and Transformational Voice.


Soothing Sound Bath

Binaural beats with quartz gemstone-infused sound



Setting the Space

With gentle guidance and crystalline alchemy singing bowl tones, you experience your personal rhythm, your pulse, and find safety as you prepare to open your creative center to explore the unknown and receive. Low Binaural beats sometimes harmonic, sometimes dissonant, help you to let go of your thinking mind. The power of your breath is activated to establish a sense of grounding, centering, opening and stability. The mental body begins to release its control as you prepare for your journey of expansion and discovery.


Grounding Integration

As you return from your expansion and your discoveries, you allow space to integrate, held by the exquisite crystalline alchemy frequencies tuned to 432 Hz, the tuning of Nature, of Mother Earth. Allow yourself to be embraced in the harmonics of sound vibrations infused with the alchemies of rose quartz, platinum, lapis lazuli, Tibetan quartz copper, frankincense, white alchemy gold and iron, in a gently guided meditation to bring harmony and stability and anchor you in this newly discovered experience. An awakening and raising of your consciousness.