Harry Taylor

Harry is co-founder and lead facilitator at Othership, an emotional regulation platform with a breathwork app and luxury sauna and ice bath experience. Othership has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Soho House and on leading podcasts. Harry is a trained artist, musician, sound healing instructor, Sauna and Essential Oil Master, Breathwork Facilitator, and has lead several holistic wellness retreats in Guatemala and NYC.  Harry has created hundreds of breathwork sessions, breathwork concerts in Miami and Brooklyn, along with first of their kind emotionally driven sauna classes. His creative passion is revitalizing ancient health practices such as breathwork, sauna, and cold exposure, with modern science and artistic flair.


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Conscious to Subconscious

A practice to unwind physical and emotional energy. Best used after a busy day to slow down and re-calibrate. It is best to do this practice lying down, headphones on, eyes covered.


Calming & Relaxing Breathwork

A nighttime practice to lull you towards deep rest and intuitive dreams. Use this practice after your journey for better sleep. It is best to do this lying down, headphones on, eyes covered.