Emma Knighton

Emma Knighton (she/they) is a somatic trauma therapist, psychedelic integration therapist, and embodied organizer. She is passionate about integrating trauma-informed care practices into all levels of organizations. Clinically, Emma specializes in working with folks with complex PTSD from childhood abandonment, neglect, and sexual abuse. Emma’s approach is grounded in queer, consent, and feminist theories and she works from an anti-oppression lens. Through her work, Emma strives to serve the psychedelic medicine and the sacred ancestral wisdom passed down through generations of practitioners.


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Chakra Balancing

Join somatic trauma therapist, Emma Knighton, in this guided meditation for tuning into and balancing your body's energy centers. Calm your nervous system and activate your internal guide and healer in preparation for your psychedelic journeys in this soothing practice.


Connecting To Your Authentic Self

This guided practice is intended to invite you into connection with your authentic self, the version of you existing beneath all the layers we accumulate through life. This is recommended as a supportive practice to regularly tune in to your inner truth, taking notice of shifts as you grow and evolve along your journey.