Emma Curtis

Emma Curtis (she/her) is a Marriage and Family Therapist, training to work in the Field Trip clinics as a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist. Additionally, she is part of our engineering team for Trip and helps develop and guide the direction of the app. Emma is passionate about psychedelic medicine and consciousness expansion. She has had a wide variety of healing experiences with psychedelic medicines and utilizes her own experiences as a way to guide people through their journeys. Emma is inspired to make the healing powers of psychedelics accessible to all and is honored to be a part of so many beautiful healing journeys.


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Let Go, Lean In, Listen

Inspired by an ayahuasca journey, this meditation encourages you to “let go, lean in, and listen.” Sometimes, plant medicine can present us with our fears and produce significant anxiety. Rather than run away from these challenges or suppress uncomfortable emotions, I invite you to utilize this meditation to approach your journey with curiosity and gratitude.


Embodying Joy

We may feel fearful of joy leaving us, or we may feel anxious about the vulnerability that joy brings up within us. If this is an experience you relate to when feeling joy, I encourage you to engage in this meditation with me. Through guided breathwork, we will work toward embodying joy and allowing it to grow within us without needing to squander our bliss with anxious and fearful thoughts.


Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

I hope I caught your attention because you feel as fondly about this song as I do. In the experience of mindful movement, explore the different spaces we can embody from the ground to the heavens. Much as we do with the child’s song "head, shoulders, knees and toes," we will move from the floor to the ceiling with the guidance of my voice and the music. This practice encourages silliness, movement and play, so get ready to smile and be present with your body in this energizing meditation.