Erin McMorrow

Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow is an author, earth advocate, and spiritual courage guide. Her book Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting With the Soil and Healing From the Ground Up helps us connect to the Great Mother and ourselves, and is available wherever books are sold. Erin specializes in holding space for us to remember who we are and to own our power.


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Journey Preparation Through The Body

All awareness consists of physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. One of the simplest doors to peace is through the body. This meditation helps you prepare for a journey with a calm and grounded state by connecting with your physical presence. Tune into every sensation, the feeling of your breath, whatever's going on for you right here in this moment. Dropping into your body fully through this practice will empower you to begin your journey from a place of clarity and ease.


Trust, Let Go, Be Open

Drop deeply into your senses and surrender to the experience. Follow the mantra, “trust, let go, be open” to stay in a calm and receiving energy. Allow the universe to hold and guide your journey. "TLO" is a widely-used practice amongst those in the psychedelic space, and can apply to both the sitter and the voyager.


Connecting With Mother Nature

Root yourself into the beauty of Mother Earth, and tune in to nature to feel more grounded and reassured with Dr. Erin McMorrow. This meditation guides you through an exercise of surrender and connectivity with nature - our Source. Be aware of how you feel, listen carefully, and sink into the unconditional love of all that is around you.