Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza is the Founder of Heal The Heroes, Energy Healer, Life Coach, as well as a Plant Medicine Ceremony Guide & Facilitator. Dayana offers one-on-one sessions and group coaching in self-development work, personal and professional growth, guiding clients in the process of self-transformation, connecting you to your highest self and re-awakening your Soul’s purpose so you can live an embodied practice life that allows you to tap into your calling.


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Connecting to the Four Elements

There’s a reason why connecting with nature can feel so healing—because we are it. In this grounding meditation, Dayana Mendoza will guide you in tuning into each of the four elements as a grounding practice for returning to your body and truth following a consciousness-expanding journey. Take a moment to find the surest path to peace, with the wisdom of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire guiding you forth. Sit with your body as it is reminded that, even in the hustle and bustle of this modern world, nature is the base of it all.


Observing Your Thoughts and Emotions

Psychedelics have the power to help you overcome negative emotions, receive new insights, experience epiphanies, and understand that your thoughts do not define who you are. This integration practice will assist you in responding versus reacting, and observing your thoughts rather than identifying with them. You have the power to choose how you would like to live right now.


The Awareness of Being Happy

Allow yourself to bask in happy thoughts with Trip Guide Dayana Mendoza. What you think, you become. This meditation focuses on positive emotions and integrating your experience through the lens of happiness and gratitude.


Practicing Nonjudgmental Awareness

However your journey went, observe it with non-judgment. You may be pleased, disappointed, or lukewarm about the experience - no matter the emotion, it is in your best interest to absorb and integrate. This awareness meditation focuses on response versus reaction with Dayana Mendoza as your guide.