Corey Baker

Corey Baker is Trip app’s audio engineer and a multi-instrumental producer living in Austin, Texas. His career as a recording and touring artist has been well-rounded and fruitful, with his artist project Kill Paris existing as a staple dance music act for 10+ years. When he's not touring, Corey is deeply devoted to life coaching and teaching music production as an Ableton Certified Trainer. His objective to bring a sense of both mindfulness and whimsy to the music community has made a deep-rooted impact.


Galactic Grounding

Galactic tones to keep you grounded while contemplating the universe. Light ambience with melodic mutations. Subtle yet powerful.


Painting the Night Sky

Relax and let go in this nature filled atmosphere. Enjoy a free space where you can breathe, ponder, or even fall asleep. Melodics ring out in the key of Gb Major.



Breathe, Release, Dance

A unique & interactive guided piece that takes you through rhythmic breathing, the release of thought, and freedom through dance. This is easy to follow and perfect for beginners or experienced psychonauts alike. The practice combines meditation, breathwork, intentional listening, and music all into one.