Cassandra Carlopio

Cassandra Carlopio, a licensed Psychologist in Australia, has been teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra in Southern California for the past six years with a commitment to help individuals unwind the mind and nervous system in order to heal from trauma, addiction, anxiety and insomnia. Cassandra has worked with Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League in helping calm the nervous system so athletes can access a deep and restful state. Cassandra is a collaborative partner at The Breathe Institute, an internationally-recognized leader in functional sleep medicine. Her guided meditations have been streamed online over a million times.


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Unwind & Restore

Join Australian psychologist, Cassandra Carlopio, in this deeply relaxing and restorative practice designed to unwind and calm your nervous system. Melt into the here and now, cultivate a calm state of mind from which healing and growth can take place.


Dissolve Into Your Experience

Join Australian psychologist, Cassandra Carlopio, in cultivating a clear, easeful state of mind from which to begin and deepen your trips.


Somatic Connection

Join Australian psychologist, Cassandra Carlopio, in this soothing body scan to connect to your physical being and tune into its primordial wisdom and intuition.


Relax In Being

Join Australian psychologist, Cassandra Carlopio, for a relaxing practice in unwinding and soothing your nervous system. Rest in presence and find your center in a challenging moment.


Be The Mountain

Join Australian Psychologist, Cassandra Carlopio, in this grounding practice adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Mountain Meditation" for seeking inner stability and peace while in the face of the change and chaos that is inevitable along your inner work journey.


Canyon River

Prepare for and ease into your trips with this guiding practice in visualizing your psychedelic experience as a journey down a river into your being. Adapted from the work by Karen Cooper, Michael Mithoeofer, and Janis Phelps.


Integrating insights

Written by psychedelic integration therapist, Jude Star, this meditation will guide you in contemplating new insights that came up during your trip to begin weaving them into your life. An insight is simply an offering, a possibility, towards a new way of seeing yourself and the world around you. In order to actualize these, we must take time and care to remember and integrate. Listen to this between 1 and 7 days following your trip to support your integration practice.


Cosmos Contemplation

Expand your mind with this visualization in floating outward and outward above your physical being, our planet, and the universe, to activate a wider perspective of the collective human experience. Adapted from Donald Robertson's 'The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy'.


Processing Residual Feelings

Written by psychedelic therapist, Jude Star, this guided practice invites you to connect with residual feelings or sensations following a trip, so that you may begin to process and make sense of what came up. Journeys inward, specifically with psychedelic medicine, can be powerful or even overwhelming. They can open doors filled with emotions, memories, trauma, or even physical sensations we didn't know we were holding. The days following this experience may feel especially tender and difficult because of this, it's important to give yourself the space and time to process these. Let the dust settle, find your new center and clarity for moving forward through this supportive guidance inward.


Welcoming Difficult Emotions

This guided meditation is designed to work with challenging emotions or sensations that may come up during a psychedelic experience or may arise afterwards during the integration process. Based on yoga nidra and mindfulness principles, this meditation invites the listener to welcome the difficult emotion, and hold it with curiosity and kindness. This meditation also includes a guided imagery dialogue process to understand its deeper message and come into a greater level of understanding and awareness. Ultimately, leading to the goal of fully accepting and integrating its lessons.