BLOND:ISH is a DJ all about Music, Energy, Freedom, and Eco-Activism. She’s built out a community focused on bridging the world of music & art, with wellness & crypto/NFTs. With this knowledge, she wants to contribute to revolutionizing the music industry & the world to ultimately lead everyone to Happy Happy World. This is why her motto for all her projects is: LET’S EVOLVE TOGETHER!


Chakratastic 111

CHAKRASTASTIC 111 is a deep exploration through your seven chakras, created to unleash the infinite abundance that exists in you! Carefully crafted in 432hz for your cell’s pleasure. Audiovisual by BLOND:ISH x Knownfor available as an NFT on Solana.


Confidence Creator

Confidence Creator (Stoner's Delight) - This harmonic journey focused on natural tunings of 162hz to the solar plexus sets an intention to create confidence but also a healing warmth. Imagine being on a boat floating towards a setting sun on the horizon feeling love, light, and happiness….



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