Arthur Lee

Arthur was fortunate to experience his first transformative psychedelic journey in his late teenage years. Since then, he’s been fascinated by meditation, Buddhism, non-duality, psychedelics, psychology, and how their intersection can lead us to greater self-awareness, ease, and awe. As a psychedelic therapist, meditation guide, student of social work, and hospice volunteer, Arthur brings a wide range of influences to his sessions. It is his most sincere wish that his meditations may assist others in remembering the peace, freedom, and perfection that is their essential nature. Arthur’s favorite motto— which he applies to both meditation and life— is that “You can’t do it wrong”. Wherever you are in your life or practice is the right place to be.


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This is a Lovingkindness, or Metta, meditation. It is a practice of generating lovingkindness, goodwill and compassion towards those we love, to ourselves, to those we feel neutrally towards, and finally towards someone with whom we've had some difficulty. In doing so, we strengthen the heart's capacity for lovingkindness at all times, in all situations.



Gratitude for the Body

In this meditation, we mindfully review and generate a sense of gratitude for our bodies and their complex processes, which produce our conscious experience and sustain our lives. We explore the complexity and miracle of the body's senses and functions, which are often overlooked and unappreciated. By returning to this awareness, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be alive and embodied.