Amanda Laine

Amanda is co-founder and lead facilitator at Othership, an emotional regulation platform with a breathwork app and luxury sauna and ice bath experience. Othership has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Soho House and on leading podcasts. Amanda began her journey as a facilitator in Europe, where she trained to become a Sauna Master, Scrub Ritual Guide, and Cold Exposure Therapist. It was through these elements that she recognized the power breathing has to shift our nervous system state. She has run several wellness retreats in Guatemala, and at Shou Sugi Ban House in NYC.


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Energizing Chakra Breathing

Enliven your third eye chakra with this energizing breathing practice with Inward Breathwork's Amanda Laine.


Conscious & Calming Breath

Join Amanda from Inward Breathwork in this mindful breathing practice.