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Why Psychedelics are Right for you

High-Performance has a Human Cost

For individuals in high-stakes, time-critical professions, the clock is always ticking and failure is never an option. The pressure is relentless. Whether you know it or not, it follows you home.

It’s there when you eat.

When you sleep.

Whenever you breathe.

That Cost is Devastating

And it affects even the most resilient among us. Continuous exposure to physical danger and trauma can ravage the strongest mind and body, leading to chronic pain, fatigue, burnout, PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

Common PTSD Stressors

  • Exposure to Death, Violence or Serious Injury
  • Natural Disasters
  • Other extreme or life-threatening events

PTSD Prevalence Among Frontline Workers


Law enforcement







Society doesn't always catch you when you fall

Existing treatments often fail. Although traditional pharmaceuticals and antidepressants can help some individuals, for many they are not enough.

Depression relapse rates chart
Source: STAR*D study

Return. Reset. Relaunch.

Trauma has a way of robbing life of meaning. Home doesn’t feel like home and work doesn’t seem important.

Basecamp takes a personalized, behavior-focused approach to address PTSD, treatment-resistant depression and other psychiatric disorders that are common for those in dangerous and risky professions. The treatment is based on your personal values to help you reconnect with yourself and your purpose.

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Psychedelic-enhanced Psychotherapy

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What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic that was first approved by the FDA 50 years ago. Used in sub-anaesthetic doses, it has demonstrated strong efficacy and safety in the treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders.

How does ketamine work to treat depression and other mental illnesses?

Acting as an NMDA receptor antagonist, ketamine induces neuroplasticity and reduces the activity of the Default Mode Network, which is neurologically analogous to the “ego” and, when overactive, can keep the mind stuck in old thinking patterns and harmful behaviours. Ketamine can be safely administered alongside conventional antidepressant medications (i.e. SSRIs, SNRIs).

Our Process

Follow the science

Evidence shows that psychedelics, when used alongside proper psychotherapy, are incredibly effective in treating PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Everything we do is evidence-based therapy, delivered by trained psychotherapists.

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Our team

With nearly three decades of working continuously under extreme pressure, Basecamp’s directors understand clearly the long-term consequences faced by frontline workers.

Adam Wright photo

Adam Wright

Basecamp Director

Adam spent a decade serving as a Navy SEAL and national security professional. After witnessing the transformative potential of psychedelics, he seeks to introduce veterans and other frontliners to medically supervised, evidence-based therapies.

Chris Kimbrell photo

Chris Kimbrell

Basecamp ADVISOR

Chris has conducted over 12 combat deployments as a Navy SEAL throughout his career. He experienced firsthand the failures of existing mental health treatments and now seeks to help other veterans and overcome trauma through psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy.

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