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Field Trip is partnering with Nue Life Health, a breakthrough telehealth company to bring mental wellness to your home. While there are other at-home psychedelic therapy options, our programs are the only ones that include integration groups and health coaching as core treatment components. Field Trip at Home improves access and convenience for people interested in pursuing the powerful treatment outcomes of ketamine therapy.

*Only available in: CA, CO, FL, GA, MA, NJ, NY, TN, TX, WA

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The Process


Select one of our two treatment programs, nue.reset and Can’t decide?’s Welcome Team will help you select a journey that meets your needs.


Embark on your personalized healing journey. As you move through your prescribed doses, you’ll share insights and feedback via the Nue Life app with your clinician, ensuring that your experience is safe and productive.


Solidify your treatment insights into lasting, positive change. Attend virtual integration groups and health coaching sessions to turn your treatment insights into healthy new behaviors.

The most advanced mental wellness companion app

With musicologist-designed playlists, voice journals, wellness assessments, and mood tracking, the Nue Life app brings a personalized and seamless experience to at-home psychedelic therapy.

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