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Why Psychedelic Medicine?

There is a mental health crisis. According to WHO, over 300m people globally suffer from anxiety. Psychedelic therapies are a very real alternative to conventional approaches. When combined with psychotherapy and our people-centric approach, psychedelics can support a process of healing, recovery, and self-discovery.

Follow the science

Evidence shows that psychedelics, when used alongside proper psychotherapy, are incredibly effective in treating PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Everything we do is evidence-based therapy, delivered by trained psychotherapists.

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How It Works


You'll meet our team of psychiatrists and therapists. We’ll ensure you are right for psychedelic-enhanced therapy and tailor a custom treatment plan just for you.


Once our staff has developed an evidence-based treatment plan for you, we will guide you through exercises to set intentions for the results you wish to achieve.


Reframe negative thought patterns and begin the process of breaking old habits after a series of psychedelic-enhanced therapy sessions over several weeks.


Follow up with our psychotherapists to create a behavior-change plan that will help you adopt healthier habits for a lasting change in your mood and wellbeing.


Continue your journey to healing at home. We’ll give you tools, strategies, and online access to our team so you stay on track to complete mental transformation.

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