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Field Trip now offers clinical research services to researchers, sponsors and contract research organizations to push knowledge forward and better people's lives

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Expertise in psychedelic therapies for your research

Through our SMO Service Offerings, we provide clinical researchers with exceptional support, leveraging our experience and expertise in the field of psychedelic medicine. We have a growing network of clinics and can provide access to an ever expanding pool of potential clinical participants.

Quality Driven

FTCRN is committed to the improvement of patient outcomes, through cutting-edge research and transforming care, by redefining the standards of quality and excellence in psychedelic-assisted therapies research.  Supported by our state-of-the-art facilities and quality management systems, FTCRN processes and protocols are designed to integrate the highest safety standards, the optimal well-being of our community of patients, as well as, the best data quality and integrity found in the industry.


We’ve taken the administrative burden out of the equation. We've centralized common administrative tasks such as site contract management, coordinated IRB interactions and approval, harmonized procedures across sites, and designed robust regulatory compliance training all with the aim of reducing start-up timelines and expediting enrolment.


We continue to develop technology to promote patient centricity such as telemedicine using FTCRN proprietary technologies. 

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