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Welcome to Field Trip Health

1:35 MINS

Welcome to Field Trip Health. If you are an existing patient, or a new patient or caregiver for someone working through treatment resistant mental health conditions, this short video will help you understand who we are at Field Trip Health and what services we offer.

The Field Trip Patient Experience

2:14 MINS

The patient experience with Field Trip Health begins from the moment you first reach out to us. Learn more about what to expect during your time with our team.

The Science of Ketamine

1:30 MINS

When you become a patient at Field Trip Health, the focus of our care will be through the use of ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy. Learn more about this substance that has been called "the most important breakthrough in anti-depressant treatment in decades."

Preparing for Your Ketamine Experience

2:16 MINS

In order to get the best experience possible during your Field Trip Health ketamine therapy, we would like to review some steps you should take before your experience.

The Ketamine Experience

1:51 MINS

At Field Trip Health, it is important that you have the best possible experience. Learn more about what it will be like to go through ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy.

Psychedelic-Enhanced Psychotherapy

3:01 MINS

Learn more about the history of psychedelics, and how these remarkable molecules, when combined with psychotherapy, can help with mental health issues.