Ketamine Treatments for Severe Anxiety Disorders
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Ketamine Treatments for Severe Anxiety Disorders

Mar 11
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What is Ketamine-Assisted Treatment for Anxiety?

Ketamine got its start in Belgium in the 1960s as an anesthetic, but today its application has expanded to assist in psychotherapy protocols. At Field Trip Health, we strategically dose and administer Ketamine in multiple sessions that accompany traditional psychotherapy and support. Our therapists and clients work together to identify the root and causes of anxiety, set intentions for the treatment, and examine outcomes of the psychedelic-assisted therapy session to integrate properly and ensure healing occurs. Most recently, many people suffering from anxiety have found that Ketamine is a promising treatment for their diagnosis. 

How Does Ketamine Work for Treatment-Resistant Anxiety?

Traditional treatments for depression and anxiety target the symptoms rather than the root cause and can blunt emotions. We think of this as “putting a bandage on the problem.” Ketamine has a different approach and alternatively, repairs neuronal connections. This is what led Ketamine to be classified as an antidepressant, backed by science. With Field Trip’s KAP approach, Ketamine is injected intramuscularly or taken orally in a lozenge depending on your location. Clients work with their therapist to determine a dosing plan, and each experience lasts anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Before, during, and after the treatment, the client has ready access to therapy and guidance. Experiencing this cutting-edge therapy often gives clients a new outlook on life. A shift in perspective through a direct engagement with difficult emotions and a corresponding breakthrough brings peace and understanding that formerly may not have seemed possible. Through the guidance of highly skilled psychotherapists and post-treatment objectives, Ketamine-assisted therapy offers life-long positive changes.

Benefits of Ketamine for Social Anxiety

Statistics show that over 15 million people in the United States alone suffer from social anxiety. We have seen a huge spike in this after COVID-19, and worldwide the numbers are higher than they have ever been. Social anxiety and depression are closely intertwined, and because Ketamine has scientifically-proven antidepressant properties, KAP is a great option for healing social anxiety. Consider this form of treatment because of its difference in:

  • Minimal side effects. Ketamine-assisted therapy does not typically see concerning or long term side effects like traditional psychiatric medicines. 
  • Long-term healing. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can bring lifelong positive changes after just a few sessions. Ketamine therapy is not meant to be like a drug taken everyday. We aim to provide sustained relief.
  • Rapid relief. Ketamine often exerts its antidepressant effects within a matter of hours.

Is Ketamine Therapy Safe for Treating People with Anxiety?

When used in a supervised setting at appropriate doses, Ketamine therapy is quite safe. You will have fully trained health professionals at your side throughout your treatment journey.

How Do I Start with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?

Ultimately, it all starts with you. Our treatment programs are designed to help you utilize your own ability to heal. Because that ability may be inaccessible due to past experiences or learned patterns, our team is here to support you and serve as a guide, with the medicine being a catalyst to open up access to healing. We believe in empowering you as the agent of healing in your life.

Does Field Trip Health have a ketamine therapy clinic near me?

Field Trip Health has clinics throughout the US and Canada. If your ready to begin your journey towards a better, personalized treatment plan that's best for your well-being then Give us a call to learn more:

  • 1-888-519-6016 (USA)
  • 1-833-222-0084 (Canada) 

Or schedule an appointment time online that's best for you and our team will reach out to you.

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